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      Co-existing Future: The 20th CBME Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition will be launched soon

      Pubdate: 2021-12-09 16:30    Views: 486

      The 20th CBME Pregnancy, Infant and Child Fair, CBME Children’s Wear Fair, and CBME Toy Fair will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 10-12, 2020. As the world’s leading omni-channel business service platform for pregnancy, infants and children, the CBME exhibition hosted by Informa China has entered its 20th year and has also witnessed the vigorous development and growth resilience of China’s pregnancy, infant and children industry. This year, with the effective prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, China’s economic recovery has become apparent. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that China’s GDP in the second quarter increased by 3.2% year-on-year, and the economic development showed a steady improvement, and the third quarter will continue to recover steadily. As a connector, stabilizer and accelerator for the pregnancy, infant and child industry, CBME 2020 will further aggregate the upstream and downstream energy of the industry, help the industry restart growth and seize opportunities for recovery.

      Focus on product strength and bring together global new products and excellent products

      ?All categories: Domestic consumption has gradually resumed growth after the epidemic. From a fundamental point of view, the demand for domestic and foreign high-quality maternity, infant and child products and services has risen instead of falling. The new generation of maternal and infant family consumption further shows product demand breakdown and selection differences The trend of compatibility, quality and cost performance. As the world’s first large-scale maternity and infant industry exhibition in 2020, this CBME exhibition is expected to have more than 3,600 exhibitors bringing maternal and infant products, maternity and infant food, nutrition and snack foods, toys, education, children’s clothing, baby clothing, and promotion New products of all categories including cars, car seats and furniture gathered at the CBME exhibition site.

      ?Internationalization: Despite the impact of the epidemic on global economic and trade exchanges, there are still many international brands determined to participate in this year’s CBME, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, North America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries or regions have confirmed that they will form an international pavilion , Bringing global new products to debut.

      聚力共生未來:第20屆CBME 孕嬰童展開展在即

      CBME International Exhibition Area

      ?Youpin’s new product release: It’s particularly noteworthy that this year CBME, together with authoritative maternal and child product experts, retail channel partners, and many well-known consumer media, launched the “CBME Excellent Product Award” for the first time. 400+ finalists and award-winning products under the three major awards of “Value Star”, “Creative Design”, and “Black Technology”, to help industry product innovation and grasp future product trends. In addition, this CBME will also select high-quality products from around the world, and let industry insiders grasp the latest product trends through the “world premiere”.

      聚力共生未來:第20屆CBME 孕嬰童展開展在即

      CBME Premium Award

      Layout the entire industry chain and create a pan-mother-infant ecological symbiosis system

      ?From pregnant babies to new families: With the rise of the new generation of mothers who pay more attention to the quality of life of themselves and their families, the “baby economy” has begun to extend to the “new family economy”, and pan-maternal and child consumption has gradually become a new aspect of maternal and child retail. growth point. This year’s CBME will set up five highlights including “natural products”, “music and educational experience”, “pan-maternal and child service franchise area”, “outdoor riding and amusement”, “study table and boutique home furnishings exhibition area”, and display natural products. And organic food, supplies, STEAM toys, online and offline education services and training, confinement centers, obstetrics and health services, and other products and services around the new family’s maternal and child parent-child scene.

      聚力共生未來:第20屆CBME 孕嬰童展開展在即

      From pregnant babies to new families

       Supporting extension of the industrial chain: In order to help the industry create high-quality products and enhance services and experience, the “Smart Retail Zone” and the “Supply Chain” Zone will bring retail technology and software, retail facilities and equipment, store design and planning, packaging and printing and products Design, raw materials, flour accessories, OEM/ODM and other industrial chain supporting products and services.

      Covering omni-channel buyers: The epidemic has accelerated the diversification of maternal and child retail channels. The CBME exhibition covers 30+ categories of buyers, expanding from the offline maternal and child chain system to omni-channel and multi-format buyers. This year, the CBME professional audience will be more diverse Agents and distributors, baby and children’s department stores, integrated maternal and child stores, and emerging buyers such as integrated/vertical/cross-border/social e-commerce, boutique collection stores, maternal and child self-media, MCN, and KOL with goods actively signed up .

      The annual industry summit combined with 20+ parallel forums, professional activities help the industry to grasp the foresight

      CBME Maternity, Baby and Child Industry Summit: In the special environment of 2020, CBME will unite the shining cross-industry elites with the theme of “Cohesion, Symbiosis for the Future”. Three angles, in-depth analysis of current economic and industrial conditions, and exploration of new trends in industrial symbiosis.

      聚力共生未來:第20屆CBME 孕嬰童展開展在即

      CBME Maternity, Baby and Child Industry Summit

      CBME Parallel Theme Summit: The parallel theme summit held at the same time at the exhibition site will also cooperate with well-known brands, TOP Internet retail and marketing platforms, national industry associations of different categories, design companies and other pan-maternal and infant ecological parties to discuss food and nutrition products. And the development of sterilization categories, the development of maternal and child health care industry, innovative marketing methods, the status and development of maternal and child import and export, innovative retail and services, and enhancement of core product capabilities to discuss industry co-creation.

      Work together online and offline to improve the efficiency of industrial upstream and downstream docking

      CBME is accelerating digital construction, fully mobilizing online tools such as mini programs, live broadcasts, short videos, etc. offline, reaching industry distribution centers across the country, linking core regional associations and chambers of commerce, and jointly helping industries to efficiently connect.
      ?Exhibition week of CBME Premium Week: Following the CBME Premium Week in July, CBME will carry out cloud matching and cloud ordering in September and the same period of the exhibition, linking 12 venues on the spot with many brands to help more pregnant, infants and children develop Resources, expand the market.
      ?In conjunction with a number of online marketing platforms and media such as iQiyi Maternal and Infant, Giant Engine, Kuaishou, Tencent Video Maternal and Infant Channel, Zhihu, Sina Weibo, etc., to let the industry understand CBME and maternal and child through extensive online communication Industry updates.
      ?Business docking: CBME has opened the global business cloud matching applet, and at the same time, it is carrying out offline business negotiations, which is open to all buyers in the industry, including distributors/agents, maternal and child stores, integrated/vertical/cross-border e-commerce, stores , Department stores/shopping malls, boutique collection stores, live mother and baby KOL, etc., fully open up the docking channels for buyers and sellers, and efficiently match and accurately dock. The exhibition site specially added a number of specific theme matchmaking meetings such as “Overseas Brands”, “Smart Retail”, “Natural Products” and “Fashion Children’s Clothing” for special matching.
      ?CBME buyer visit group: organize 30+ various regional core wholesale markets, associations chambers of commerce, KOL and other types of buyer visit groups, gather high-quality children’s clothing, toys, supplies, lathes, food and other channel buyers from all over the world, at the CBME site Communicate and share with exhibitors to create business opportunities.

      CBME Global Business Cloud Matching Mini Program

      Safety first, create a safer CBME

      Although the domestic epidemic has been effectively prevented and controlled, ensuring the safety of all participating merchants is still the top priority of CBME. This CBME will strictly implement the epidemic prevention requirements of the government and venues, and implement strict health prevention and epidemic prevention and control measures, including identification and health code verification, real-name pre-registration and on-site registration, admission masks and disinfection supplies, and all employees Body temperature monitoring, full-site inspection and disinfection, rapid emergency response procedures, etc., ensure the safety and order of the exhibition site.

      2020 coincides with the 20th anniversary of the CBME Maternity, Infant and Child Fair. Gu Xiaoyuan, General Manager of Informa Markets (Hangzhou), pointed out: “In the past 20 years, CBME has been walking along with the maternity and infant industry. , The energy of the pregnant, infant and child industry that has experienced the test of the epidemic is rapidly recovering and accumulating. We are facing huge challenges together, but we also see the industry and the market’s demand for accelerated online and offline integration and new family products and services. CBME will serve as an omni-channel commerce service platform, integrating resources from all parties in the ecology, creating a symbiotic system, and a symbiotic future!”

      According to the organizer’s data, the pre-registration of visitors to the CBME Expo in 2020 has increased by 32% year-on-year. A variety of pre-registration channels are open for registration. Log on to the CBME official website or follow the official WeChat “CBME Pregnancy, Infant and Child Expo” pre-registration.

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